Curiosita 2017

Hello and welcome to Curiosita!

Curiosita is the name for our Specialist classes made up of Art, Italian, Music & PE. Students attend each class for 1 hour a week and have the opportunities to learn  skills and gain a deeper understanding of topics covered through Inquiry. We begin units by working together with the whole learning communities to brainstorm and get students input then break off into smaller groups to further explore skills and the inquiries in our different areas. To give you a better understanding of what we do in each subject, we will be updating the blog with an overview of each subject area in the coming weeks.

This year the Curiosita team is made up of:

Art – Vanessa

Italian – Enza &  Mary

Music – Sarah

PE – Shona (12 3’s) Peter – (Prep & 456s)

This year our big event will be a Literacy & Cultural week to celebrate all of the learning in the Curiosita & Literacy programs. The week will take place towards the end of term 3 and various workshops, activities, performances and events will run throughout the week. Keep checking the Curiosita page for more information.