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On Thursday the 24th of August we are holding an evening event from 5-7pm  for the community to come and celebrate all areas of Literacy with the students including Curiosita & Learning Communities. This is part of our Arts & Literacy week and ties in with the theme of how stories are shared across the Arts. The event will run in Learning Communities and around the school and will feature performances from the Junior & Senior Choirs, Students in Orizzonte, the Uke4Kids Orchestra and Instrumental students.



Beginning of the year in Curiosita


CURIOSITA Term 1   2017

So far this term in Curiosita classes, we have been using thinking routines to allow for student voice and ownership of our overarching theme for the year. We have looked at the Italian flag, Indigenous Australian flag, Australian traditional flag and a design for a possible new Australian flag as well as deciphering the national anthem lyrics.

The students were given the opportunity to share their ideas, thinking and wonderings about these, through class discussions, their own flag design, experimenting with possible new lyrics and illustrations for the national anthem.

We are working towards exploring such concepts as Identity, Belonging, Language and Culture through the Visual Arts, Music, Gardening, Physical Education and Italian programs.

We will now be breaking off into our different discipline areas, with a shared direction to enable better support and impact on student learning.



Have you been waiting to relive the 2016 School concert? (and I bet you have, as it was so UNREAL! ) You can now watch the whole thing on VIMEO and there’s a bonus BEHIND the SCENES mini video too. The link is at the BEPS Vimeo page

But you’ll need the password… Please make a DONATION towards the arts and music program here at BEPS – just pop notes or gold coins in the box located at the front office and ask the secret password for your personal use.

Curiosita 2017

Hello and welcome to Curiosita!

Curiosita is the name for our Specialist classes made up of Art, Italian, Music & PE. Students attend each class for 1 hour a week and have the opportunities to learn  skills and gain a deeper understanding of topics covered through Inquiry. We begin units by working together with the whole learning communities to brainstorm and get students input then break off into smaller groups to further explore skills and the inquiries in our different areas. To give you a better understanding of what we do in each subject, we will be updating the blog with an overview of each subject area in the coming weeks.

This year the Curiosita team is made up of:

Art – Vanessa

Italian – Enza &  Mary

Music – Sarah

PE – Shona (12 3’s) Peter – (Prep & 456s)

This year our big event will be a Literacy & Cultural week to celebrate all of the learning in the Curiosita & Literacy programs. The week will take place towards the end of term 3 and various workshops, activities, performances and events will run throughout the week. Keep checking the Curiosita page for more information.

Curiosita’s Post on Wednesday, 19 August 2015

In sports sferistici the kids are playing palla a pugno. It involves two teams of four players and hitting a ball with your hand like your hand is a tennis racket you hit the ball to the other team but the ball cannot land in your side when you hit it or the opposite side get a point. When you serve you bounce the ball then hit it.

Curiosita’s Post on Wednesday, 19 August 2015

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Today we are doing rugby in PE, for our learning about the Renaissance period of Italy.
The rules are quite simple, 1. To score a goal, you have to have the ball and pass it to your team and touch it on the ground at the scoring end for your team.
2. A tackle is when both tags are taken then you can get tackled, and the ball goes the other team.

Rugby is a very violent game when played in the medieval way and with those rules, but of course violence is not encouraged in primary or highschool, so we don’t use violent rules.
To start off, we usually play some tail-tag or spider, which is like Chinese walls.
Some of the things that I have enjoyed over the past few weeks that we have been playing rugby, are when we play the game and are split into two teams to play against each other using the same rules at the start of this post.
We have been learning about how the court is set out and how we can improve as a team and an individual, in my perspective rugby is a very interesting and entertaining sport to learn about this term in spetaccolo.
Rosie, year 5.